When to go to your osteopath?

Quand consulter un ostéopathe ?

To take care of yourself

If you want to take care of yourself and maintain your well-being without any major problem, it is recommended to consult your osteopath regularly. Regular sessions can help prevent the onset of disorders and maintain balance in your body.

Following trauma or pain

If you have suffered a physical trauma, such as a fall, an accident or if you suffer from persistent pain, it is essential to consult your osteopath. Osteopathy can be effective in relieving pain, accelerating healing, and promoting recovery after trauma.

As part of a specific, preventive, or curative action such as high-level sport, visceral pathologies and more...

If you practice a high-level sport or if you are confronted with specific visceral pathologies, consulting an osteopath can be beneficial. Osteopathy can help optimize sports performance, improve recovery, and treat visceral pathologies by promoting balance and mobility in the body.

What happens during a session?

A session lasts around 45 minutes. It is important to bring with you your last medical examinations related to the reason for consultation.
The session takes place in 3 steps: anamnesis, clinical examination, and osteopathic treatment.

Healthcare covering

Please note that osteopathy isn’t covered by French public healthcare, but it’s very likely covered by your international health insurance or French Mutuelle. Check with them for possible claim back.